Make money and grow your social media followers with Hawkit

Instantreviewng Reply July 10, 2022

 Make money and grow your social media followers with Hawkit

Hawkit review

Make money and also grow your socal media accounts followers with Hawkit. Hawkit is a income-earning app that allows you to perform regular social media task while you earn points which will be converted to money. With Hawkit you can grow and of your social media accounts followers for just a token.

How does Hawkit work 

The Hawkit app is available on both android and iOS devices. As an Hawkit user, you are assigned a daily task to carry out, but before you get qualified to carry out those tasks, you need to upgrade to the premium user with 1k.

Once you have upgraded your account you can now do tasks, note that you will make more than that before the month ends as long as you are performing the given task. 

How to use Hawkit to grow your social media followers

All you need to do is to click on the number of followers you want and make a purchase. This is the breakdown of how much it is been sold for.

  • Instagram 5 naira per followers
  • Facebook likes 5naira per likes 
  • YouTube. 50naira per subscription
  • Social media comments 25naira per comment 
  • Advertise on WhatsApp. 30naira per WhatsApp status 

The advantage of getting this on Hawkit is that you get your ROI been that they don sell bot followers.

 Hawkit Market place 

 The marketplace is just like Jiji platform, you can buy and sell on the platform and make cool cash. 

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