How to apply for OPay POS (OPay POS charges and Commission) in 2022

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 How to apply for OPay POS (OPay POS charges and Commission)

OPay POS is an online payment process in Nigeria. OPay POS is one of the most popular payment service providers in the country. To take advantage of an online system to get Opay POS machine. OPay point of sale machine is one of the most popular devices right now, so it appears here with no surprise to keep it in haste.

How to get the Opay pos through the  Opay Business app

  •     Log into the OPay app on your device.
  •     Choose the ‘Merchant Application’  icon.
  •     Enter all necessary information as requested.
  •     Upload your transaction history for the past 3 months.
  •     Upload a valid ID Card (Intl Passport, Voters’ Card, National ID, or Driver’s License).
  •     Take a snapshot of your business station and upload it to the portal.
  •     Submit your OPay POS application for review.
The Opay Short Program (POS) is free and can be used by an Opay agent, however, agents are required to pay a caution fee of 20,000 Naira (in the POS terminal); immediately, the POS application is approved the caution fee charge will be applied. It will be transferred to an agent when the agent returns the POS terminal.

How long does it take to get the Opay pos

OPay POS terminal recommendations are prioritized within 24 hours. Your request for the POS terminal will be approved and the agent support team will notify you of the expected pickup date.

OPay charge per POS transaction both deposit and withdrawal?

They charge 20 Naira flat for deposit and 0.5% for withdrawal and 100 Naira Flat 

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