How to Become a Certified Data Reseller in 2022

Instantreviewng Reply July 17, 2022

How to Become a Certified Data Reseller in 2022 

data reseller

Data bundle resale refers to the practice of buying Internet data bundles in bulk or large quantities from network carriers and selling these in smaller units to customers, typically for a profit.

Data reselling is one of the most popular businesses in Nigeria because almost everyone, if not all, wants to know how to take care of themselves, stay informed about current events, and find out more online. This has triggered the demand for data to advance and become precious.

List of Reliable Data Reselling website

  1. Simpledata
  2. 1app data 
  4. allows you to purchase data by networks in Nigeria at the lowest rates, become a data reseller without having to limit the amount of sharing to limitless people and without having to renew the validity period.

1app Data: With 1app you get to subscribe to their different data reselling packages which offers different prices. You can choose to become a super agent and enjoy unbeatable commission for data price.

Simpledata: Just like 1app you will need sign up for one of their data reselling packages which is grouped into 3. Top user, affiliate and smart earner.

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