How to Emulate PS2 games on Android Device

Instantreviewng Reply July 10, 2022

 How to  Emulate PS2 games on Android Device

The long waited PS2 stable emulator has officially been released to Google play store, which means PS2 gamers can now play emulate PS2 game titles on their android device. Prior to this time Damonps2 has been the goto emulator fir PS2 on android. But it requires high system requirements before you can emulate any game smoothly.

Now that the AetherSx2 has been released and the best part of it is that it is free to use compared to Damonps2 and also the system requirements is not as high as the previous emulator.

For a smooth game play you device must run on Snapdragon 720 upward anything lower than that is not advisable only If you want to run the the on 1x resolution.

How to setup the AetherSx2 Emulator 

To setup the AetherSx2 on your android phone, you need to download the PS2 bios and export it plus the ps2 iso file should be ready. The AetherSx2 automatically reads the game library when it boots 

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