How to verify your Binance account in Nigeria 2022

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 How to  verify your Binance account in Nigeria 2022

How to  verify your Binance account in Nigeria  2022

Do you have a Binance account for the first time as a Nigerian citizen? Before you verify your account, you must first understand exactly what you have to do. Read this entire write-up for inspiration. In it, we will step by step. We'll lead you through the procedures required for verifying your Binance account as a Nigerian.

Process to get your Bianace account verified 

To successfully complete Binance, you will need to go through three authorization steps or checkpoints. Let's review each one together.

1. Either the app or the browser version of Binance needs to be used to access your account.

2.  Go to the icon with a figure in the upper-right corner of the homepage.

3. To be verified as a new user, visit identification. Verified, verified plus, and enterprise verification will be in between when verification is complete.

4.  Enter your photo ID, as well as your face, your name, and other details.

5.  Continue by entering your email address, full name, birth date, residential address, and phone number.

6.  Upload your ID from both the front and back, which may include your national ID card, voter s card, international passport, and more.

7.   Confirm you have completed all of these steps before moving on to level 2.

Level 2 Verification process

 The second phase of verifying your residence address is to validate employment. Depending on the information required (for example, your driver's license or utility bill), you must submit a utility bill used frequently at home. This could possibly be for gas, electricity, or water or something different along those lines. 

Level 3 Verification

 Finances are the place that wealth stems from. To fill out your  Binance account, you need to fill out all fields apart from the account name. The account verification process initiates when you submit the site that your Binaince account information goes to.

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