Moniepoint pos (Withdrawal charges and Price 2022 Review)

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 Moniepoint pos (Withdrawal charges and Price 2022 Review)

moniepoint log in

Moniepoint  login offers you a platform where you are able to access multiple transactions seamlessly by means of mobile apps, marketplace, and Moniepoint SmartPOS as a moniepoint agent. Mainly, it includes mobile apps, POS, and SmartPOS, earning money for both customers and Moniepoint agents.  The POS business is incredibly easy to start, and it's also highly profitable, it is the perfect choice for you as a newcomer.

MoniePoint is one of the most promising mobile-money networks in Nigeria. Basically, with Monie Point, you can perform transactions like money transfers, withdrawals, airtime purchases, and more at a gain. Also, the company boasts a well-established network, so the issue of no network, which is common with many other POS centers, would be relatively absent.

Moniepoint Agent pos Registration Process

To get a Moniepoint POS you really want to meet specific prerequisites like; you should be over 18 years, Be a Nigerian, be Responsive and educated, and furthermore own a cell phone.

You'll likewise require documentation to satisfy KYC (know your client) prerequisites like:

A substantial Identification Card (International Passport, NIN, Voters' Card, or Driver's License)
Service Bill (squander bill, power bill, land-use charge, water bill, or tenure understanding)
CAC reports (for enrolled organizations as it were)
A standard record number in any business bank.
In the event that you meet the above necessities, the most common way of getting a Moniepoint POS specialist.

To get the Moniepoint POS you simply need to follow these means:

Visit the Monipoint Website to create a log of your visit. Then, supply your name, email, phone number, and other requested info. Then select a different POS operator you're working with (if any). Then after that, click Submit. Moniepoint will say to all new members within 48 hours or less.
After which you'll be connected to the individual (aggregator) who oversees Moniepoint specialists. This aggregator will take it up from that point.
You can too visit Moniepoint's actual location at No.12 Wole Ariyo St, Lekki Phase 1 office to finish your POS specialist enlistment. A Moniepoint staff will direct you through the enrollment interaction and the vital stages to turn into a Moniepoint POS specialist effectively.
How Much is Moniepoint POS Machine - Moniepoint POS Price
Assuming you're tingling to know how much the Moniepoint POS machine cost, the POS machine costs about N25,000, which is less expensive than most POS machines you'll track down on the lookout.

Moniepoint POS Charges - Transaction and Withdrawal Charges

Contrasted with different POS administrations in Nigeria, Moniepoint's charges are very low, and apparently one the least expensive.

Moniepoint POS charges depend on the quantity of exchanges you do, dissimilar to different POS portable cash specialist administrations exchange charges that rely upon the banks.
Moniepoint exchange charges are fixed at a N20 Naira level expense to all banks in Nigeria when you need to move. While the Moniepoint withdrawal energizes for pulling out to N4,000 are just N6.2. Notwithstanding, the Moniepoint withdrawal charges increment as the sum removed increments.

Moniepoint POS charges and commission structure shifts in light of the volume of the exchanges done through the POS machine.

Here are a portion of the POS commissions for Moniepoint and charges recorded beneath:

  • For withdrawals of N1 - N20,000 Moniepoint charges just 0.5% of the exchange sum.
  • For exchanges above N20,000 Moniepoint charges a level pace of N100.
  • For moves, Moniepoint charges a level pace of N20 for moves.
  • For MTN Data Top Up a 3% commission
  • For Glo information Top-Up 4% commission
  • 9Mobile Data Top-Up 4.5% commission
  • While Airtel Data Top-up is a 4% commission
  • For DSTV Subscription a 2% commission
  • GOTv sub is a 2% commission
  • PHCN token is a 2% commission
  • Star Times is a 2% commission
Nonetheless, Moniepoint charges no additional bank expenses or secret expenses, not at all like a few different POS specialist co-ops.

End Moniepoint POS Machine
A portion of the Moniepoint decides incorporate that their POS specialists should have at least N80,000 everyday withdrawal esteem, notwithstanding, this is subject to your area.

Likewise as a specialist, you really want to have somewhere around 4 stores done by means of your POS machine each day.
Assuming perchance an aggregator has any reason to pull out your POS gadget in something like one year of issuance to you, you will get half cashback of the N25,000 paid during enrollment.

In the event that you have a waiting inquiry regarding issues with your POS gadget in the wake of getting it, you want not stress. Moniepoint Agent issues like settlements and debates are typically discounted and closed around the same time.

Likewise, a POS machine designer will likewise be doled out by the Aggregator to watch out for you and different specialists in your area. Likewise, every Moniepoint trader and specialist is added to a WhatsApp gathering of different specialists to share thoughts and the difficulties they're managing.
For any issues and for requests you can contact Moniepoint through WhatsApp at +2348141500017, or email the organization at [email protected]

Which bank Owns Moniepoint?

 Moniepoint is local area-based keep money with its administrations fueled by Moniepoint MFB Limited, a Microfinance bank properly authorized by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). Moniepoint is a portable cash specialist organization possessed by TeamApt, a top fintech organization in Nigeria made in 2019, whose CEO is Tosin Eniolorunda.

Does Moniepoint have an App?

Indeed Moniepoint has an application accessible on Google Playstore and Apple App store

How would I synchronize my Moniepoint wallet?

- Sign in to your Moniepoint account and explore the Wallet segment
- Then, tap on the Fund Wallet choice
- Then, adhere to the directions you see and make an exchange to the predetermined
the record then log a Service Request to support your wallet or contact the
Moniepoint support by means of Whatsapp or call with verification of installment

How much is Moniepoint pos machine in Nigeria

MP pos is not for sale but is given to moniepoint agent on lease with a 23k caution fee of which 10k is refundable before one year.

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