4 Reasons why you shouldn't buy the Nothing Phone (1).

Instantreviewng Reply August 30, 2022

4 Reasons why you shouldn't buy the Nothing Phone (1) in Nigeria.

The Nothing Phone (1) has been really making the airwaves with Top tech YouTubers promoting the new product and has also gotten the public attention.

Here are the 4 top reasons why you should buy the nothing phone now.

No Service Center: It is very important to get a phone that has its service centre readily available just like Tecno itel and infinix did when they were about to penetrate the Nigeria phone market. They made sure they have their service center available in case the phone develops Any issue and it will fix for free as long as it is still under its warranty period. The nothing phone 1 is a new phone and getting a qualified engineer to service it will be very hard so getting one now is a no-no 

Lack of part in the Market: the nothing phone looking from its design is a fragile phone which means it can't withstand proper durability tests. The part of the Nothing Phone (1) is not available In Nigeria market. So if the phone gets damaged it will probably be sitting dock 

Fingerprint can't be replaced: the fingerprint of the phone has been designed In such a way that it can't be replaced once it gets damaged and if replace it won't work because the previous one has been registered to that phone just like iPhone facial ID 

Too Expensive: the nothing phone is more expensive considering it is a budget phone with Snapdragon 720 processor. With that proof, one can get an Android phone with the latest Snapdragon. The Nothing Phone (1) is currently being sold for 340k in Nigeria.  

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