How to become a Dotpay agent ( Commission, Charges and price)

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 How to become a Dotpay agent ( Commission, Charges, and price)

become a dotpay agent

Becoming a Dotpay Agency banking agent is quite easy and doesn't need much stress. To get unboarded on the Dotpay platform all the agent need to do is to get in touch with any of the Dotpay sale representative or agent in charge of the pos distribution and allocation and it will be issued instantly without delay 

Requirements to get unboarded as a Dotpay agent

  • Valid identification card 
  • Location
  • Any valid utility bill
  • Guarantor
  • Bvn for verification
  • Bank
  • Passport
Once all the requirements are met, the agent will get you onboarded in the Dotpay platform.

Dotpay Daily Target 

As a Dotpay pos agent you don't need to worry about any target all that is required of an agent is to always use the pos device.

DOTPAY Price Charges and Commission

The price of a Dotpay pos is 30k while the charges Dotpay withdrawal transaction is 0.5% and 100 naira flat from 20k upward while 20Naira for all deposit

You also get Commission for bill payments such as utility bill and cable subscriptions.

Dotpay Network

Their network is reliable and also good customer support to help their agent resolve any issue concerning the pos transaction.

Dotpay customer service contact

Line +2348061908723


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