Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing Ultimate Review 2022 (Scam or Legit)

Instantreviewng Reply August 15, 2022

Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing Ultimate Review 2022 (Scam or Legit)

expertnaire affiliate marketing"

 Expertnaire is an online digital marketplace that helps digital content creators sell their products to customers and achieve greater exposure through the network owned by high-achieving affiliates.

Expertnaire login platform is specifically meant for the sales and vending or distribution of digital products and merchandise only. As a digital product creator, all you have to do here is to list all digital products on the Expertnaire platform and sit comfortably with marketers enjoying a commission. You don't need to have been a digital product creator before you can become a successful entrepreneur on Expertnaire.

Making money through the affiliate model is quick and easy on Expertnaire. The website has three major parties in a transaction: the vendor, the affiliate, and the customer. The vendor is the party who owns the product being sold. Affiliates are users who advertise the product or service on the website, and in doing so, earn commission on the sale of the product to the customer.

Is Expertnaira Scam or Legit 

Expertnaire 72ig cannot be categorized as a scam nor legit platform to earn quick cash, The type of affiliate practiced on the platform is quite different from other models of affiliate marketing where you don't have to pay, but in expertnaire 72ig you will need to buy their course or subscription plan where you will be able to sell the course to other people and earn a commission. The course cost 10k-60k and if you are unable to sell to others, you won't earn any commission.

How Does Expertnaire Work?

Sign up as an Expertnaire Member

Ordinary Expertnaire members can join with prices beginning at 10,000, while it is also possible to join as an Expertnaire VIP member and gain access to all products in the Expertnaire marketplace which cost  ₦62,500 as a premium member.

Choose a product to promote 

Your payment can change either as a regular or a premium member in order to receive your login credentials sent to your email address. Afterward, you can log in, choose the product that appeals to you or your customers the most, and advertise it.

Once you are able to sell any of the products selected, you will be given some percentage and the cash-out threshold is 5k

Expertnaire Courses to sell 

These are the hot-selling digital products on Expertnaire for affiliate marketing:

  • 72IG
  • Amazon KDP For Smartphone
  • High Paid Freelancer Premium Program
  • The No Hassle Naija To Canada Japa System
  • The S.E.D.P Affiliate Cash Out Workshop
  • The Ultimate 0 to $2k Blueprint
  • Freelancers Money Pot
  • The Foreign Copywriting Initiative

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