list of pos Machine with No target in 2022

Instantreviewng Reply September 19, 2022

 list of pos Machine with No target in 2022

machine with no target".

Most pos agents don't like working with pos that is based on target, so in this blog post, I will be listing the type of pos machine with no target and their price. 

baxi machine with no target
Baxi pos machine

    Baxi pos machine doesn't require you to meet any week, daily or monthly target. But as an agent, you must make sure you make use of the pos machine. you can also request for their PPS loan if you make transactions with the pos very well to boost your business.  Baxi pos is free and the registration fee is 15k while the mpos is 5k.

paycentre machine with no target

Paycentre pos 

    Paycentre pos is a non-target pos machine with excellent service and good customer support. Just like Baxi pos, you are required to constantly use the pos to carry out transactions as long as paycentre pos is active you don't have any problem. Their pos cost 25k and are not for purchase just lease 

Nomba  pos machine with no target.
Nomba pos  

Nomba pos formally known as kudi pos cost only 20k and can be ordered from the Nomba app that can be downloaded on the play store or ios store. Nomba pos is a non-target pos and also has a good network

Bank pos machine 

Most commercial banks pos are machine are non-target pos but to enjoy the offer that comes with it such as loan, the agent must make use of the pos very well

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