How to remove palmpay phone restriction on any phone

Instantreviewng Reply October 04, 2022

 How to remove palmpay phone restriction on any phone 

The palmpay plugin phone restriction is a security protocol that gets activated when any palmpay users default on their loan application. This is also applicable to people who buy their smartphones through the easybuy platform that allows instalments payment which can be spread within 3-6month. The only legal way to remove the watermark and phone restriction on the phone is by paying back the loan.

How to Remove the Palmpay watermark and restriction 

In order to remove the watermark and the restrictions from the phone, the user needs to pay up the loan and on the internet connection which will connect to the palmpay server notifying them the loan has been settled within 24hr the restriction and the watermark will clear. The payment can be done through the palmpay account or the easybuy app.

formatting the phone as suggested by some users will not solve the problem nor changing the imei of the phone, once the phone reboot it will go back to where it was before,

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