How to Withdraw palmpay ok card loan to bank account

Instantreviewng Reply October 04, 2022

 How to Withdraw Palmpay ok card loan to the bank account

    what is a Palmpay ok card?

    Palmpay ok card is a short-time loan given to palmpay users with interest and 1% after the loan is overdue. the ok card loan is to settle bills like ( airtime. cable subscription, and funding of betting account) the ok card cannot be sent or withdrawn to your palmpay account or other bank accounts. To get a loan that can be withdrawn from the app you will have to apply for the palmpay flex loan.

    How to activate the Ok Card from Palmpay

    The palmpay ok card activation can be done on the palmpay app dashboard by just clicking on the Credit and loan icon and clicking on activate. once this is done you will be able to access the ok card. you can also opt for the palmpay flex loan 

    How to Withdraw the palmpay loan to your Bank account 

    This method is only for those who have a sporty bet account, in order to withdraw the palmpay ok Card loan follow these steps

    • Fund your sporty bet account with the okCard loan
    • login to the sporty bet account 
    • Click on withdraw from sporty bet dashboard 
    • Send it to your bank account 

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